Junk Removal Los Altos

Atlas Hauling provides not just junk removal service in Los atlas but all kind of waste removal in and around South Bay area. Whether its construction cleanup, relocation trash, junk, dirt, garbage, no matter what you have to clean up and get it off, we do it for you.

There many things that are redundant but don’t get a chance to be thrown out till the household or office is relocated such as old furniture, chipped off decoration pieces, weathered wall hangings, useless old pans and pots, spoilt upholstery or expired documents. U don’t know how to get rid of all that but we do. We recycle wat can be , and dispose off the rest as it should be. Construction cleanup can be quite a hassle for you and also a needless wate of time when you could be doing something else instead. Our staff is personable yet quick and efficient when it comes to cleanup of debris after construction and would clean up your place without getting in your way. Our quality of work is our sole guarantee and if you are not satisfied by our service you have the option to no pay for it! Our work aim is provision of high quality service at minimum possible rates so that for you either way is a win-win situation.

Call anytime for an urgent cleanup task, to rent a dumpster or to appoint us as your regular junk removal service, we do it as it suits you.

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  • Atlas Hauling Truck Photo

    Atlas Hauling Truck Photo

    Atlas Hauling Truck Photo